About Us

Imagine a future where a safety net is no longer needed in our community. #communitytransformed

Our mission is to build connections, strengthen community and foster future wellbeing by providing accessible support that is responsive to the community's needs.


We are a community-based organisation supporting vulnerable and at-risk people with a range of services for domestic & family violence, homelessness, refugees and families, youth and children.

Since 1977 we have been serving the Northern Beaches community and were previously known as Manly Community Centre.

We’re now called Community Northern Beaches. We are a small local community-based organisation supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people. We’re often the first point of contact for people experiencing homelessness, domestic & family violence and refugee settlement challenges.

We also focus on targeted earlier intervention with families, youth and children to make the biggest difference early on.

Our Community Hub Drop-in also enables us to foster meaningful connections to assist people in crisis with their immediate needs and help connect them to support.