Leadership & Governance

The Chief Executive Officer is the organisation’s public face and is responsible for operations and major organisational decisions. The CEO is accountable to the Board which is responsible for governance, compliance and financial sustainability. In collaboration with the CEO, they develop and ensure the implementation of the strategic plan.

Executive Leadership

Craig Stevens - Chief Executive Officer

Craig Stevens – Chief Executive Officer

Craig brings to CNB over 15 years of experience in the mental health and community services sector, spending nine years leading, developing and managing complex community mental health services. He has also served on boards and committees and contributed to communities through extensive volunteer work. Before working in the community sector, Craig spent seven years in banking, finance, marketing, training and events.

Craig’s faith underpins his passion for social justice. He wants to see a world where people are valued and have equal opportunities regardless of their sexuality, faith, gender, race, cultural background, mental health, ability, socio-economic status and life journey.

Inspired by leaders such as Brené Brown, who encourage leaders to be brave and vulnerable, Craig hopes to lead and cultivate an organisational culture that inspires people to be creative, vulnerable, innovative and compassionate in their service to the community.

“We desperately need more leaders committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and self-aware enough to lead from their hearts, rather than unevolved leaders who lead from hurt and fear.”


The Board

Kandy Tagg - President of the Association

Kandy Tagg – Chair

Joined 2018

Occupation: Marketing Manager (retired) and NDIS Tutor

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science; Marketing & Master of Business Administration

Sally Cornelius

Sally Cornelius – Deputy Chair

Joined 2018

Occupation: Community Services Trainer & Community Services Leader (retired)

Qualifications: Bachelor of Adult Education (Major in Community Education), Diploma in Community Management, Certificate III in Welfare, Certificate III in Horticulture

Bill Barnes

Bill Barnes – Treasurer

Joined 2014

Occupation: Senior Business Analyst (retired)

Qualifications: Commerce Certificate – Accounting Procedures


Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce – Secretary

Joined 2017

Occupation: Independent consultant in payments fraud and security

Qualifications: Master (Honors), Pure Mathematics in Philosophy; Master in International Studies

Peter Wood

Peter Wood – Member

Joined 2014

Occupation: Lawyer 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts and Law

Chris Lake

Chris Lake – Member

Joined 2022

Occupation: Investment Banker (retired) 

Qualifications: Master Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Phyl Jelinek

Phyl Jelinek – Member

Joined 2017

Occupation: CEO (retired) ESL Teacher and Volunteer Coordinator

Qualifications: Bachelor of History and Political Theory (Honors)

Clive Bailey

Clive Bailey – Member

Joined 2022

Occupation: Executive (retired), IT Consultant and Board Director, Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia & Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators (UK)

Qualifications: Bachelor of Accounting & Operations Research, Diploma in Management; Accounting, Marketing and IT, Bachelor of Ceramics Technology