What We Do

Our ABCs


We’re available and willing to help. We give face-to-face, quality time to guests of our drop-in centre. We have an open door policy that allows anyone to access our services. This is what communities should be like: inclusive, regardless of background or circumstance. To make this possible, the majority of services are free. This allows us to reach out to those doing it tough, and support the most marginalised members of our community.


We are builders of community, committed to growing and strengthening relationships amongst people and organisations. A huge part of this work involves targeted early intervention and empowering people to have more positive pathways in life. It’s a big, long-term task we cannot do by ourselves and the reason we work collaboratively with members of the community and other organisations.

C. We care about COMMUNITY

We do what we do because we care about people and believe that individuals flourish within community. We are all worthy of love and belonging. A resilient and healthy community empowers its members, sees strength in diversity, preserves people from isolation, creates a safety net and protects the vulnerable.

If that sounds exciting to you, have a look at ways you can get involved and take action

“Community Northern Beaches is an absolute must. It is what we call the chance, the opportunity, to find yourself on a better path in life”

– Pete, Big Issue Vendor